Tis the season...

...to be sickly,
cough cough cough cough gag, sneeze, barf and ache.
We would like to get a break now,
cough cough cough cough gag, sneeze, barf and ache.
Liam still has a fever,
you would think the tylenol is his friend.
Riley is hacking but doing better,
but now me the mommy has a nasty throat.

Ya. Still sickies around here. Liam and I went in to the doc today. I'm having such a hard time swallowing that I figured I should go be sure I don't have strept. I nearly barfed, and did gag like crazy during the throat swab...man, I hate those things! The doc says Liam looks ok, but if we want to rule out anything more serious because of his re-occurring fevers, then we'd need to do a urine sample and blood work for him. Have you ever been through that with a 2 year old?? It is absolute torture. We did that with Riley when he was two, and it was really traumatic for all of us and the results came up with nothing. We're willing to risk that he's just catching bug after bug and leave it for now. We managed to avoid all sorts of bugs during the fall, but are making up for it now. Praying we'll be over it before Christmas.


The Foulds said…
Hope you guys are all better soon! Being sick is poopy!
Elizabeth said…
Oh no... wishing you all lots of health.. and soon..
Angella said…
Hope it ends FAST!!!

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