Last week to shop!!

I actually really love Christmas shopping. I wish it wasn't so hard to entertain 2 boys while doing so. We have friends coming over tonight to watch the boys so we can hopefully finish our last few gifts. I had to stand in a line at Walmart for 40 min. this week. It wasn't so bad cuz a friend I hadn't seen in months ended up behind me, and we chatted it up the whole time, but I was 15 min. late picking up Riley from Awana. Yup, guilty momma. As if I was going to jump out of a line I had been standing in for half an hour with a cart full of presents I had pain-stakenly sp? chosen one by one.
This year we've done a draw with the Davidson family. We even picked a theme of "games/entertainment" in hopes that we'll all get to share in the joy of each present! and just to keep it easier. I like it. Should work well. And then it's always fun buying for kids...especially buying for the littlest Davidson, a girl, my niece Ava.
Right after Christmas is Rileys' 5th birthday!! I'm actually considering getting him a drum set. I know, crazy. But our boys are musical and going to make a band someday, so we gotta start early. There is this drum set on half price at Canadian Tire, so I'm going to check that out today as well. Greg brought out his trombone this week as he's playing for the Christmas program at church, and you should see Liam play it!! So cute, it's on tape...I'll upload it soon.
Hope you're almost done and having fun!!! See you Salmon Armites soon!!


Angella said…
When is his birthday? Graham's is the 29th :)
The Foulds said…
Ahh yes lat min Chritmas shopping... I have a bit to do today too.
See you in the Arm.
Heather said…
Can hardly wait to see YOU!

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