16 weeks

I promised a picture, so here we are.
I'm really pushing it out for your viewing pleasure.
I think my butt has gotten even flatter, now that I look at it.
At 16 weeks, the baby is about "five and a half inches tall and six ounces in weight. The child can grasp with his hands, kick, or even somersault".

(no this is not MY baby...but it is 16 weeks)


Angella said…
Yay - hello baby!

You look fantastic :)
Elizabeth said…
Yeah Baby.. somersault away.. teehee.. I think when I was 16 weeks.. I looked like a cow.. you look fantastic.. I still look like a cow 4 kids later.. I miss weighing 125... sigh
Anna said…
Looking good Sarah. The pictures make it more real to me somehow. I'm so excited for you!
The Foulds said…
Great pictures, Liam's little hand on your tummy is so cute!
Where did you find the second picture, did you find it on the net?
You look great, funny how your bum disappears when you become pregnant, mine did too, probably only because my tummy was big, but it still looked strange to me.

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