Baby update

Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that there is another little life in our family of four, who will be here to meet us in only 5 months!! I am at 15 weeks now.
...Baby Development
Your baby weighs about 1.75 ounces and is about 4 to 4.5 inches in length. His or her heart is growing strong and, even though it is little, it is pumping between 20 and 25 quarts of blood every 24 hours.
I finally feel like I am getting enough sleep, even without an afternoon nap! I love having my energy back and am trying to make the most of it while I've got it!! I am feeling the sweet little taps from the inside as well. I still haven't gained weight, but my belly seems to be protruding out from under my ribs already, so I have been scrounging through my basement to bring up my old maternity clothes...sort of wanting to wear them but thinking I should wait as long as possible!
I would take a picture, but seriously, I still look like I've just got bloat. I think I will start doing official photos starting next week and carrying on every 2 weeks. I'm one of those unfortunate types who tends to go from just kinda square looking at 6 months to mammoth basketball by 8 months...which brings on many a stretch mark :( Oh well. War wounds, right? I totally need to post some pics of myself at 9months with Liam.

In other news...the boys are doing better. Riley climbed out of bed on Saturday morning with a smile on his face, which I hadn't seen since the previous Saturday. He had been SO sick and missed all but one day of school. Liam came down with something again on Thursday night, and had a massive fever again on Friday and Saturday. They both are snotty and sneezy, but we didn't let it keep us in the house all weekend though, and went bed shopping on Saturday. I was so happy to get out of the house finally!! We found Riley a much needed bed. He hasn't had one since Liam took over the car bed, which has been a few months already! Here he's his second night in it and he keeps telling us how much he LoVeS his new bed.

(you can sorta tell Riley still has a stuffed head by his puffy eyes!)
Cute bed, though, hey?! We found it at Jysk.


Anna said…
Yay about feeling baby kicks! That's SO exciting. LOVE the bed.
EliZabEth said…
I am glad the boys are feeling somewhat better and that you are getting some much needed energy back.. cant wait to see some Pregnancy pics.
Angella said…
Woo hoo for feeling the baby! It's the coolest!

And glad you are all feeling better :)

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