Some pics from our Christmas Pageant

My good friend Lisa decided it was high time our kids got to take part in a traditional Christmas pageant. Our church is small and hasn't taken on the task in a few years. I think the last one was when Riley was a baby, and it was such a huge stressful production that no one wanted to tackle it since. Lisa basically narrated the entire Christmas story while the kids just acted out the parts as she read. It went really smoothly, and was so nice to see our kids up there. There were "special numbers" as well, including Greg on his trombone.

Homemade stable by Andrew (playing violin)!! (good job!)

I did up these letters so the kids could tell what each letter stands for. C is for Christ child...etc. I'm up there holding the mic...Riley on the left.

I think having the kids act out and see the entire story of Jesus' birth will help them to remember and understand the true meaning of Christmas. That made it special for us parents.


Heather said…
Love Rileys outfit! Wish I could have been there to cheer you guys on!
Mar said…
That is so sweet! Makes us proud to see you all participating. Remember when you kids acted the story out in Haifa that year? That's a special memory for me, when we had our least commercial holiday ever!

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