Ditching the beloved soo-soo

Yes, it was time. Just like with nursing, my boys don't slowly wean themselves off...they wanted to nurse or suck the soother forever. Just before Riley turned 3, we mailed his soother to Santa in exchange for an immediate present. He took a few nights to get settled, but did fine. I knew that time had come for Liam. He is a few months younger than 3 still, but I really didn't want him being the big baby over Christmas with the ugly soother in his mouth. On Sunday evening we asked him if he was ready to send his soother to Santa in exchange for a gift. He immediately agreed and so we gave him a new fancy flashlight thing to hold in his bed at night.
As expected, that night he didn't settle until we went to bed...close to 11pm. He slept til 8am no problems though, and only mentioned the soother once all day. Where is my soo-soo, mom?! It's at Santa's house, remember? He's going to give it to a little baby. Oh ya.
He wouldn't nap this afternoon, even though he had had a late night, but I didn't really expect him to. Then tonight we had our work party for the families hosted at ChuckECheese, and the poor kid had had it by 7pm. He fell asleep on the way home and woke up to ask for his flashlight and blanket and thankfully fell back asleep on his own again. Phew! I think it's over! The soother is history! There's one more thing to check off my list. I still have yet to get this kid potty-trained. We'll tackle that one in the New Year again. I'm praying that Liam will end up napping still, once he gets used to falling asleep without his plug. He still needs his naps, as do I!


Mar said…
Poor kids - growing up so fast! We're just reminiscing about coming home for Christmas by train from Regina. You were very attached to Mommy and your blanket, and didn't want much to do with anyone else. (you were just 2) That was a fun trip though!
Angella said…
Way to go, Mommy! Nthan is starting not to nap every day...sigh...

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