Uggh. Had to go in for a routine pap test and internal exam today. Don't we all love those!? I always wonder what it must be like to have a job like that where you have to deal with various types of muffs during the day.
I wanted to ask you about the urine test though. Have you ever actually followed the correct directions to attain a "proper urine sample" ? How do you actually hold yourself and the cup over the toilet while catching an uninterrupted stream of urine midway through its course?? I don't get it. It goes along with those ultrasound tech's who tell you ...Go ahead and pee just a few ounces of the 8cups that you had to drink 2 hours ago which is totally bursting your bladder. How do you let out a few ounces?? Once I start, it's coming.
Ahh...being a woman. Actually Greg has an ultrasound story I'm sure he won't mind me sharing with you, would you honey? (Just so you men folk don't feel left out here.) A few years ago Greg had to go in for an ultrasound to look at some organs...I don't even remember what. Anyway, he did his duty of drinking the recommended amount of water before his appointment. As soon as his ultrasound tech turned on her little machine and took one look, out loud she was like...OH MY GOODNESS! and Greg was freaked out! What is wrong with my organs?! And the lady was like, I have never in my life seen such a full bladder!! Oh. poor guy. He thought he was dying and she was just surprised at how much water he can intake. I'm not. He can drink like a camel.
Anyway. There's my doctor stories for the week.
I'd love to hear yours.


Greg said…
It was for my kidneys...and I believe the term she used to describe my bladder (after repeatedly saying OMG) was Ginormous :)
The Foulds said…
I hear ya! Peeing in a cups sucks, especially if you have to try and collect your sample while on a "handicap" toilet, the opening in the seat is narrow and toilet is like an extra 6 inches off the ground. Not an easy feat especially when I was prego! Peeing in a cup is the thing I hate most about going to the doctor! Actually it is pretty much the only thing I hate about going to the doctor, I like my doctor, she is the best
Anonymous said…
I personally have made this crazy request of my patients and have then been frustrated at them when the lab calls to tell me that they have a 'dirty' sample and I have to go and get more urine. Arg. Only recently have I actually BEEN the patient fully frustrated with my little cup at the toilet. And yes, my sample came back dirty. The alternative is getting a sample from and in and out cath...which is not a good time-for you or the nurse ;) And as an endoscopy nurse who looks up people's colons all days...all buns look the same after awhile.

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