Yes, I do in fact bake with my boys. Today we made some gingerbread cookies. Rileys' teacher sent home a recipe for it because they've been talking about the gingerbread man in class and figured we'd all enjoy making some at home. Have you ever baked with a 2 and 4 year old? Not pictured above are two little boys in matching plaid aprons covered in flour with dough all over their mouths. Sticky little hands. Mommy telling them to "STOP eating all the dough!" Trying to roll the dough out fast enough so they can stamp out their shapes and get them on the tray in one piece. It ended up being a lot of mess and a lot of work, but the boys did enjoy themselves. But I think I'll let them bake with grandma next time.


Angella said…
My boys like to "help" too. AND stick their fingers in the dough :)
Heather said…
Very brave of you!

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