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Sorry folks, I haven't had much to share with the world at large these days. Though my life really is not as dull as it may seem!
One of my best friends is coming tomorrow!! WHOO HOO! I am really thrilled about that and can't wait to giggle like a school-girl.
Tonight I went to see my friends Tim and Dorilee play with their band at a church in Cochrane. I was so happy we went as it was a great worship time, was child-friendly, and a great way to spend a Friday night. I met these two at Prairie Bible College before they were married...then they played/sang at our wedding, and now they are famous! Check out their site. They've been living in New Jersey for a long while, but we've been in touch now and again. So happy to finally touch base with old friends.
I volunteered with Rileys' class again today. We made applesauce. I am suddenly inspired to get out my starfrit and make loads of apple danish bars. Yumm. If you don't have that recipe, you need it.
The weather is crappy and wet. Hoping that it warms up a tad in time for Halloween. I still need a costume, any ideas? Last year I went as a man, and Greg was a woman! The boys were Batman and a mummy. This year Riley wants to be Darth Vader. I'd love to be something totally crazy...maybe I should rent something from one of those crazy shops. I think the best outfit I saw last year, was an adult sized Winnie the Pooh. I'd like to be something that my kids would never forget...just like this one year when I was at my grandparents during halloween, I still remember answering the door and one of the neighbor dads was dressed like this massive ape. Won't ever forget that. I think I ran screaming cuz he was so large. That same year, I must have been 6 or family had me dressed as a pumpkin in one of those nasty homemade costumes of an orange plastic bag stuffed with newspaper. I just remember the whole night I was leaking crunkled paper out the bottom.


Angella said…
I SUCK at Halloween....glad I have a newborn as an excuse not to dress up :)
Mar said…
I think a TIGGER costume would be GRRRReat!
Mom - actually, probably I should get one, hey?

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