Happy Birthday AMY! Our very first neice is 7 today. She was just a belly bump during our wedding and was born just after we were married. We always raced home to see her as every moment we were in Calgary gave her opportunity to grow up on us. She was our intro to the babies of the fam and was such a good baby to get us all keen on having some ourselves! I've missed a lot of her big achievements and feel bad that she's sorta "lost" among all the new additions to the fam. But she'll always be the first and hold that special spot for us all.
Hugs to you and see you soon. (Maybe dad will read this to ya!)


Amanda said…
She's a beautiful girl. Avelyn is the first grandchild on both sides of our families so she's in the same boat...enjoying the attention until some other kidlets come 'round. :)

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