Big Owwie

Ya. Ouch!

Poor Liam was standing up on his chair by the table, reaching for something, when he fell and landed on a stool nearby...right with the corner of his eye. His face immediately swelled up to grotesque measures. Of course he wouldn't let us put any ice on it, so it just got large and yucky and is slowly turning blue. This picture was taken about 3 hours after the incident...I'll have to see how it looks in the morning. Poor little guy didn't whine for too long. Unfortunately the timing was a little crazy as we were preparing dinner for our friends who arrived 10min. after it all happened. Actually it was a good distraction for Liam to have his best friends here and soon he was talking about crashing pumpkins. We went to the pumpkin festival held out at the place where we bought our sod from. They had a huge attendance of people and at least 50 people were carving pumpkins in a huge greenhouse area, and there was a petting zoo, a park, wagon rides, and best of all...the crashing pumpkins.

They had brought in this huge crane, and would haul up these pumpkins that were around 300 pds or more, and then they would drop them from the highest height of the crane! Not only that! They had an old beater car right perfectly placed below for the mammoth pumpkin to land on. They had a countdown, and they shot off fireworks out of the car, and then CRASH! the pumpkin seriously pushed the roof of the car right down to the floor. Poor Eli and Liam were crying their eyes out due to the loud noise of the fireworks! It was hysterical! Maybe my friend Andrew will post some pics about it as my camera battery died at the time!
Anyway...great fun...Liam and Eli talked about it the whole course of the dinner time. And then we finished off the meal with some Burnaby Blackberries in a Fruit favorite.


Heather said…
OUCH! Wowzas! That looks bad. Poor lil' guy.
Anna said…
Owwwie! Poor Liam. Good thing he's tough! That whole pumpkin smashing thing sounds cool!

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