Happy 25th Anna Banana!

My "little" sister is 25 today. Poor girl has to spend her day driving home from the "Hoof" while her hubby drives another truck back for my dad. It's snowy out there, so I hope the trip goes well.
Anna and her little fam moved back to Salmon Arm just over a year ago, and we're happy for that so we can see them more often. I also chat with Anna on MSN at least every other day. Hoping that we'll get lots of time in the near future to do crazy things together... like syncro swimming or something.
Happy day and hugs to you!!


Anna said…
Thanks Sarah. We ended up staying in the hoof one extra night due to the snowy roads and such. My in-laws threw an impromtu party at their place on Sunday night with cake and lots of other goodies so it wasn't all bad. We got home last night....glad to be home. Thanks for the balloons!

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