Happy Halloween!!

Ok, so I didn't find my dream costume...it was alright. I had really wanted a costume to wear to school with Riley (cuz I was volunteering again), but I ended up being the only adult dressed up at all, so good thing I didn't go overboard!! I found this kitty headband and my friend had a tail, so that was that. Meow.
Here's Riley and I on our way to school.

He was a knight at school and ended up being Darth Vader at night along with Liam the puppy. The past few years, we've joined our friends in various neighborhoods to go around together. This year we decided to do our own hood alone. We brought our sled for Liam to sit in. Every time he finished at a house, he did a huge belly flop onto the sled and looked like an actual dog laying there on the sled. He got a lot of laughs, as usual. Liam always liked to have a huge conversation with the people in each house. I'd give him the hint..."what should you say?". Sometimes he'd remember TRICK or TREAT, but usually he'd say..."I'd like to have some of your candy." And a few times he'd ask for some to give to his daddy!! He made everyone laugh and looked so cute in his puppy costume with his bright rosy cheeks. I didn't take pics, but G took some video...it was darn cold!
So we're left with loads of candy to last hopefully from now til summer, or not.
Hope you all had fun!
P.S. Happy 1st birthday Helena!


Angella said…
I would be amazed at your skill if the candy lasted until summer :)
Mar said…
You're a cute kitten! Your furry sweater is purrfect. Shame on the others for not dressing up too! I bet the boys were toooooo cute! Love the sound of puppy Liam. You must have good hiding places for that candy! Smiles.

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