Taking on a new venture

I never thought I would ever commit to taking kids into the home, other than my own, on a full time basis. Being a stay-at-home mom is hard enough, but adding other kids into the picture makes it even harder to get stuff done or get out and socialize. However, my neighbors are losing their dayhome (as the dayhome is moving)...and they thought it might just work out for me to take over the care of their 3 yr. old daughter. I have said I will do a trial of 2 weeks to see how my kids react to her and vice versa, and just how easy or not it is to go out with 3 of them. I have also only committed to 6 months maximum and the hours will be 9-3:30pm.
These are my reasons for doing it...it will help them out...obviously, it's convenient, they know us, they don't have to search out a new dayhome. It is really the ideal situation for this little girl who is usually one of 6 kids in a dayhome where they can't get out much as there are just too many kids to take places. I think it will make me a more organized mommy. Seeing that they will be at my door at 9am, it will make sure I am up, showered and all of us dressed by that time. I will have to be more scheduled and hope to make more of a planned week ie. Mondays-library, Tuesdays-gym, Wednesdays-craft, Thursday-baking etc. The afternoons will all be lazy ones as Riley is at school, Liam naps and the girl will have a quiet time. I don't know what the pay will be, but that will help out too. I really need some furniture!! Being that it's only one child, I will still be able to go out to the pool, the zoo etc. without too much hassle. We have a mini van after-all ;)
I get to hang out with a girl...just in case I never have one of my own. The father is flexible as he has his own business, so if I need to get away, he'd be accomodating for sure.
Anyway...this all doesn't start til November. I would appreciate any words of advice for those that have done this. Knowing it's not an all-day and permanent position doesn't make me feel like I'm depriving my children of their time with me. They probably will enjoy the company.


Luke said…
Maybe this is just the time of year to take on 'new venture's. Or maybe we're just nuts! (I start my new job on Monday, and I'm a little nervous) I'm sure you'll do fine with an extra kid around, unless she's a little hell-raiser...like Anna.
Angella said…
I think a three year old will be less stressful than say a one year old. You can get out more easily and can communicate better.

Hope it works out, at least for the 2 week trial!!

Mar said…
Who says you can't greet them at the door in PJ's? ? Actually - it could be lots of fun having a girl around - curious to see if she has any positive impact on the boys behaviour.
Anna said…
Exuse me? Hell-raiser? Moi? Surely you're mistaking me for someone else. I was always so sweet and innnocent as a child...much like I am today really.

Good luck Sarah. I hope it all goes smoothly.
Sarah said…
Whoa..Ease off tigers!! Maybe we need some family counselling ;)

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