Big boy undies

Yup...this is officially the cold turkey try at potty training Liam. Now that we are back in routine, I've committed from today (Thurs) til Sunday to keep him in his Bob the Builder big boy undies...regardless of the endless messes and failed attempts to reach the potty. For those who haven't done the potty training routine...this is the BEST way. If he seems to have no concept by Sunday night...I'll put back on the diapers and give it a go next month. So wish us all luck. He looks so darn cute in his undies with his thick little Davidson thighs sticking out. I need to take a picture of that.
And last night, Riley passed his 3 last sections of his gate test and earned his Sparks vest...he is so proud. He can sing our national anthem (check out My Videos). I'll take a pic of that too...once we finally get dressed!
Greg is home sick today...nearly coughed up a lung this morning. We're not getting much sleep around here. Otherwise all is more mommy meltdowns!


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