Birthday parties

We went to a joint party last night for our two friends who have sons that turned 2 this past week. Lots of fun. It is great when the kids are old enough to enjoy the cake and singing and can open their own presents. Liam as usual, enjoyed the party as much as the birthday kids. In this picture, he is actually wearing one of the presents for Eli...a new orange vest. Liam grabbed it and said !!"NOW ELI HAS A LIFE JACKET SO HE CAN GO ON GRAMPA ZINK'S BOAT!"
(Thanks for the photo, Andrew!)


Heidi said…
Sarah you have the funniest kids. I ache sometimes after reading your blog.
Angella said…
Cute!! You guys make such cuties, that you should make another :)
Heather said…
Aww that is so cute. He has an amazing memory both of your boys.

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