Back to reality

Well...we made it back safely last night. The boys did their usual 20 min. cat nap in the van, instead of Liam's usual 2-3 hour afternoon sleep. They just will not sleep in upright seats.
We had spent the rest of the week visiting around with relatives and going to the beach. We filled up our "family" tank as best as we could before we returned home to Calgary. We are looking forward to catching up with friends and starting all the fall events. Like KINDERGARDEN tomorrow! Yikes! Riley had a particularily crappy day today (mostly due to being overtired but refusing to sleep) so I am hoping that kindergarden and scheduling will somehow whip him into shape or else I am going to need to take some serious parenting courses or take on more serious discipline actions. Super nanny! where are you?!? Why don't kids understand that we want them to have fun, and we want what's best for them??
In other news, you should see my sunflowers! They are massive! I'm sure they are over 10 ft. tall. The fruit and veggies all did well too, and the grass was long but healthy. I was hoping they'd be fine, as on our holidays there was only one day of rain where we were. We spent the day doing the yardwork, laundry, dishes, unpacking and grocery glad that we had left that extra day to get it all done. It was hot and gorgeous out, so the boys enjoyed time in the back yard.

Ya, hmmm....on to another year. My family and Greg's is going through huge changes right now...mostly in careers, but also with a mix of new babies and a couple failed relationships. Everyone just feels so unsettled. The stress of that all is slightly forgotten as we sit in our cozy little house in the middle of a large city.


Angella said…
Sounds like a good trip, besides the lack of naps - we only went for 2 days, but Nathan only had short naps in the car too :)

I hope you guys get settled into your routine soon :)

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