Ok, maybe not

So I was inspired by blog friend Angella and our friends here in Calgary who have just started to let their boys share a room. Buddies, roommates, sleepovers...the whole cute picture. I told the boys tonight that they were having a temporary sleepover. We moved Liam's little car bed over to Rileys room. We gave strict instructions for them to stay in their beds, listen to the story tape, be quiet, etc. etc. Well...Liam is just too much of a party animal. The second he thought we were out of listening range, he'd whisper over to Riley "Hey Rilo, let me pray with you", and he'd jump into Rileys bed and grab his hand. Whispers turned to talking, then yelling. There was a lot of jumping, banging. Riley came out several times, "LIAM WON'T STOP TALKING!", "I TOLD LIAM TO BE QUIET, BUT HE WON'T LISTEN." "NOW HE'S IN MY BED!". Greg went up a few times to quiet them down. One time Greg stopped on the top stair and then peeked around. "You go downstairs, daddy" says Liam. He was ready to party all night. We could only handle poor tired Rileys whining for so long. Back went the car bed into the other room. The boys hugged and parted and then fell asleep in 2 short minutes.
I guess maybe we'll try it again in 6 months!!


Andrew said…
That's hilarious! Liam cracks me up. Tonight was the first night since moving to the bunk beds that we put the boys to bed and didn't have to supervise from just outside the door. Same thing, it was Eli who was wanting to party all night, but thankfully he would leave Jaxson alone for the most part and instead would play in the bathroom, our room, the hallway, or just come out and find us.

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