number two

In addition to my recent success in using dpn's (double pointed needles), we are also succeeding well in the potty training area!! And yes, I'm happy about it, because in all other areas of my life, I am failing miserably! So let's focus on the positive, right!?
Riley is still struggling daily with attitude problems, crazy amounts of whining, crying and fighting and just plain selfishness. I am trying not to take it personally and accept it as a stage and a reaction to maybe him feeling out of control when he's not at home?? Who knows...maybe I need a family counselor.
Liam is doing alright, though is plain shy in any sort of group setting and his teacher has told me again today that he is sharing nothing with the class. Private? Rude? Shy? Scared? Your guess is as good as mine, as he doesn't exhibit any sort of fears of talking at home!
I am pretty much ready to let someone else deal with my children for me, but am trying to soak up the successes and the occasional hugs and sweet moments that will one day soon end when they are all grown. Then maybe I will pick up what is left of my self esteem and go from there.
For now...we will do the poopy dance and shake what our mama gave us!


Melissa said…
Oh Sarah - *big hug*!!

I'm sorry this phase of life has been such a struggle for you. This, too, shall pass, but aren't we supposed to be able to enjoy these years? I totally have days & weeks like this, but you're sounding pretty discouraged there. I'm so sorry! :( I'll be praying for you, 'kay? It's not easy being a mama to little boys!
Heather said…
Thinking of you : )
le0pard13 said…
Always great to read your blog posts. BTW, I've nominated you for a Creative Writer Blogger Award, Sarah.
Anonymous said…
hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!
Lisa said…
I feel your pain Sarah. You will make it through this. Some days I just make them dress really cute and focus on that!

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