Happy New Year!

I was so happy that I actually made it to midnight last night and enjoyed myself!! It has been a crazy holiday season!!
Early on December 24th, our company arrived and it was go go go from then on. We opened presents at my moms, we had a party at our house, we opened presents...

we went to a church to hold our Christmas dinner and gift exchange (as there were so many of us)...
we went shopping, we knit, we ate, we had more parties at our place and my aunt and moms. Our relatives left on December 29th, and then on December 30th, we celebrated Rileys' 8th birthday with 5 kids from his class and the remaining relatives.

Then yesterday was the annual Davidson/Aylard hockey game, supper at the D's and then they brought their treats and special drinks to our place so we could put our kids to bed. Anna joined us and we played games and rang in the New Year together!
It all has been very good and now we are getting snow finally and will celebrating with the larger Davidson clan today, and the kids will be able to sled in G's aunts yard.
The boys are just getting colds in the last few days, but otherwise we've been doing just fine.
More later....the boys have given me all the time that they will allow!!


Thanks for all the fun! and for the photo record too!
Anna said…
Good times! I need to catch up on some sleep now but it was fun and great to see you all.

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