it's never too late... build a gingerbread house! Christmas seriously went by THAT fast, that we had to do our gingerbread house only yesterday!!

(note the icing sugar snow blizzard on Rileys shirt!)

And now to introduce my new baby, a Canon Powershot SD780 IS
It is so small that you may need to click on this picture to see it, as it is only the size of my nose. I wanted something small enough to fit in my purse, and also to take short video clips. It took all the pics you see today and in my previous it does not too badly. This was my Christmas present from G...thanks!


Melissa said…

My gingerbread house hasn't been assembled yet, either. The last two years, it's been New Year's Day. This year....? Not sure when it'll happen!!

Cute camera! Have fun with it!
Bloggy Mama said…
That's fun. I like the idea of prolonging the festivities!!
AND the sugar! !

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