8 year old trouble!

Determined to remain my strong-willed first-born...this one is causing me grief these days. If you are outside, doing active activities, he is pretty easy...but otherwise, how do you keep this one happy and obedient?? Your guess is as good as mine! He spent most of the Christmas season sticking to himself or whining about something (probably due to a combo of too many treats and people, and not enough sleep!).
I have high hopes for this kid, but it's taking everything I've got!


Kristin said…
The picture says it all. ;)
Jen said…
Sounds just like my 1st born! Love the face & hang in there.
oye! I have pretty much the exact picture of my firstborn. Hang in there my friend. You are not alone. I am praying for grace, strength, and wisdom in loving this son and leading him beyond himself to become the mighty prince of the King of Kings that he is created to be. It's an adventure of a lifetime :). prayin'
great prayers from your friend "Journey" - amen! it's a challenge for sure. Wish they came with their own instruction manual! Hilarious that he lets you catch the photo proof! One day this struggle will be a distant memory and he'll have his own first-born to cope with! !
Bloggy Mama said…
Ditto on my firstborn, over here. At least we aren't alone.

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