Toque madness!

What can I say, I love knitting toques...especially these cute little ribbed ones. I was just using up some left-over wool from my SIL and made up this little stripe design and was left with just enough to finish.
Don't think that all I do is sit around and knit!! We've been getting better acquainted with some close by neighbors with two little guys and have been running around doing various playdates including swimming, skating and Junglemania just since Friday! We aren't really having a normal winter around here, so our usual activities in the snow just can't happen so we're having to get creative.
Shea is still doing amazing and has been out and about with no accidents. I need to get him to pose in his cute little undies soon, so we have pics like I had with Liam! (I know, I'm MEAN!)
Greg and I are hoping to finally make our little trip away (a belated 10th!) and need to get ourselves organized! It will be a much needed break!


Anonymous said…
Thank you :) check out this emo boy style over this blog:
Bloggy Mama said…
Yay for a getaway. Love the toque. Sending smiles.

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