about that "baby"

I'm referring to Shea...and I guess as he's nearing in on three, he isn't so much a baby. We took the crib down a little while ago, and though he's not officially in his car bed yet (we still have him in the playpen)...it has bumped up his "growing boy" status.
(Awww...just look at him.)

I took the diaper off him this morning and we only had one accident all day, so he's off to a great start there as well. We're doing a lot of running to the potty, followed by many cheers and special potty dances.
He loves his computer time just like the other boys, being totally capable of using my mouse and can find his kids CBC or lego site on my bookmarks and pick out his favorite games. It really is incredible what a two year old these days can master.
And like most two year olds, he likes to shout out "NO!". His dad especially doesn't like that answer, and asks him, "What did you just say?" to which Shea replies in a much sweeter voice, "I said YES!".
He loves puzzles and can do a 24 piece puzzle no problem.
He's talking a lot more and can usually say what he wants. Some of my favorite sayings lately are..."I got an idea!", "Are you so happy?!", "Let's do it!" or "I want you!", and "I really love you mommy."
He hasn't enjoyed this winter too much as it is either sloppy or icy out. He often wants me to carry him outside as he's had too many slips to count. I'm hoping we get a good dump of snow like the past two years, so he can try out sledding.
He still loves coleslaw and chicken noodle soup, and is obsessed with dipping and pouring and making anything fingerfood and sliming it all over himself.
He is quite social and loves it when auntie "Pum" and uncle "Uke" come over on Friday nights. He is usually pretty good at giving hugs and saying hi to the tellers in the stores! He loves going shopping and will say "Let's get this. I love it. It's awesome!". He's quite a mix of both boys, that I'm not so sure how he is going to be at 5 or 8. I think we'll have quite a load of fun next year when it's down to just he and I during the school hours.


Heather said…
What a guy! I just loved when he came over to give me a hug to greet me at the door when we were visiting. I could get used to that but I'll take it when I can!
What a precious boy! I think it's very special how you catch the moments and write about them - cuz these kids just KEEP growing and changing and learning and getting soooo independent! Enjoy!
Anna said…
I just love this whole post. So cute.

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