more knitting

I finished two pairs of mitts, one for each of the boys.

...and a pair for my friend Lisa.

...and my first toque for whichever boy wants to wear it. My first experience with a circular needle and then dpn's.

I think I'll make a baby hat next?


Anna said…
Good job Sarah! So cool! You'll have to teach me.
Faith and Mark said…
I hate to say it Sarah, but a BABY hat???
ruth said…
Sarah said…
Yes Faith...but NOT for any baby of mine!!!
Heather said…
Nice mitts and hat : ) Way to go! Now do you see how addictive it is to get the next row done?
Lisa said…
Boy you sure make it look easy to knit! And I am completely enjoying my mitts!
That toque on Liam is fantastic!

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