The start of summer

Well we're only two days into summer, and it has started with so much sun and activity. I'm exhausted already!
No. Not really. We wait for summer all year long, and we are NOT going to let it pass by without making the most of it. I just wish I could take a nap sometimes!
Riley started Soccer Camp which has been great. There are about 130 kids there, including his two cousins which make it fun. I have started the prep week at the church for our upcoming daycamp next week. We're doing all the set-up, and so Shea and Liam spend the day down in childcare with our other two cousins and seem to have a fun time as well. My grandparents were also in town this week and it was pretty cool to see my Liam just LOVE hanging out with his great grandpa. He's a pretty cool guy, so I can't blame him. Mom hosted a big bbq at her house, and with my sister and her kids in town as was a full-on family shin dig.
Tomorrow we are hitting the beach for Canada Day. It's so nice to only live ten minutes from the beach.
It has been working out nicely since Shea enjoys a good 3 hour nap in the afternoon. Hubby works at home. I take a cell phone and the bigger boys and I can go do something fun while the house is quiet both for Greg and Shea. Greg can call me when he hears Shea waking up (which he'll sit in his crib a good ten minutes talking to his soothers). I'm sure the "beach scene" will get old soon enough, and doesn't work on rainy days, so I'm writing out a list of things now. What is something you're excited to do this summer with your kids?


Anna said…
Bloggy Mama said…
July 12th or so... we'll hit the beach with you?
go to the beach! ! lets see. . . the water park, the library, check out when the downtown street-mall is - there's lots of great stuff to see then, with entertainment at the Ross Street parking lot. (it's in upcoming events in the freebie papers)
Sarah said…
On July 12th, I'm driving home from my cousin's can do, sorry!

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