Ok..so I bailed. I woke up on the third day and felt like absolute crap. Very similar feelings to first trimester pregnancy...nauseous, lightheaded, weak weak weak, tired, hungry, sweating and gross. I could barely make it to the shower from bed, it was yucky. I knew I would never be able to function as a mom without some FOOD, so I inhaled some soda crackers and later ate some breakfast and started to feel better around 10am. I feel bad that I couldn't make it for 3 weeny days, but at least I got 2 in and I know that I never want to do that again. Ha! Ok...maybe someday. I just found it extra difficult when I still have to be mom and run around the town. Being low on energy is the LAST thing I need. Hmm, I'll have to think of something else to try.
I went up and down the waterslides many times this afternoon with the boys and was glad that I could enjoy that with them.
My mom was doing this with me, and she made it! Way to go mom! Enjoy your yogurt and strawberries in the morning!!


Melissa said…
Oh Sarah - that's rough. I totally *get* the icky, sweaty feeling - it's your body reacting to your getting the toxins out. I think that's what it's *supposed* to do, but that doesn't make it any easier, especially when you're trying to manage three young active boys!

*hugs* I'm sure you'll find the cleanse that's right for you!
Sarah said…
Ya, Melissa...is that the "toxins" coming out, or is that my body saying FEED ME!! I imagine if I could just hang in there that some toxins would find their way out, but I had no patience to find out. Wimp.

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