So I decided to do the kickstart of eating healthy by doing the 3 day cleanse. I am at the end of day 2. My goodness. It is hard! And it isn't the "hungry" part that sucks...it's the fact that I realize most of my day revolves around food, making food, cleaning up food, serving food, sitting at the table with all my kids, grocery shopping etc. and I am missing out on all those things!! I do take my lemonade to the table while the other four are eating, but I have been having Greg make the last two dinners because I don't want to be tempted. But I still make their lunches, their snacks, and even had to make cupcakes for Rileys school. I could never do this for longer unless I was living alone. It isn't normal, obviously. I could handle being limited to certain foods (for example no carbs), but I could never be around good food and just sit there sipping something. Pam was even making jam with fresh picked strawberries yesterday and I couldn't eat even one!
Anyway...this is totally just a temporary attempt at making me more food conscious, and I think it's working. So far it doesn't seem to be doing too much as far as "cleansing".
Talking about "cleansing"...we brought out the baby potty from the closet today just to show Shea and he sat down and pooped on it!! I'm already envisioning my days without a diaper bag, but actually was not intending to potty train him yet. In past experience, it worked best to wait til after 2 1/2. I also am not ready to have him quit napping which happened when I trained my other two! However, if he volunteers to sit down and do his poops on the potty...I won't complain one bit!

Tomorrow is the last day of preschool for Liam and grade 2 for Riley. I am so amazed at how quickly that school year went. I am very nervous about summer starting as it means three boys in one house with me all day which will be very taxing. I'm already writing out a sort of schedule to help eliminate the "I'm bored!", and the "He's bugging me!" comments. We start off with 2 weeks of summer day camps, so it'll be busy for the next bit thankfully.

We're still having issues with the squirrels. We thought we were rid of them quite awhile ago, but for some reason the little buggers broke back in. We put this strong wire up and then realized that we had trapped one on the inside and he was trying to bite his way out. So we took off the wire and let him out and then nailed it back up, but he's out there biting away and may have even snuck in somehow again. They are so persistent, and I'm out there like a redneck with my broom and slingshot, trying to keep him away. Ugh. Anyone have a pellet gun?

Tomorrow we're hitting up the waterslides, and on Friday (when I can eat again) Greg and I celebrate our 10th anniversary with a night out!! Saturday is my dad's birthday with a big family party and my sister arrives with her kids in time for that...yay! So the next few days are looking good.

Well...I guess I will go have some lemonade. sigh.


Bloggy Mama said…
Your cleanse makes me think of the statement: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Well done, you, on holding to your cleanse.
That' s a hoot about the potty! !
Hang in there with the lemonade - my tummy's growling today! ! I'm looking forward to strawberries and yogurt for bkfst! ! yum!
Silly Squirrels! Loved watching you with the slingshot the other night - big Meany! ! (yeah right!)

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