Feeling speechless

I know you haven't been getting much out of me, other than a few photos here and there. I have a feeling that it's going to be that way for awhile. I don't feel bad about it as we had the longest winter ever, but are now thoroughly enjoying our time outside and going places. Hence, lack of computer time.

However, it is always appropriate to document the cuteness...

Here is our goofy Liam perched up in our "doorway to nowhere" as we have finished taking the little old deck off and have the new wood ready to stain and put up there.

And just yesterday, my white peonies opened up. Still waiting on the pink ones.


What a PERFECT peony! ! I LOVE them! ! cute boys too - of course. Few words are fine when the photos tell lots!
Kristin said…
Only blog when you want to, we'll come check it out when you do, that is what Bloglines and Google readers are for right?

Enjoy your lovely weather. :)
Heather said…
I like cuteness!
Bloggy Mama said…
Lovely. Hopefully we'll get to meet up in the next few weeks. I'll message you.

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