Getting crafty

So I am craft lady for the grade two's at daycamp this year. There will be three groups of 10-15 kids. I had to find a craft they could do in about 20min. I found the hardest part was finding the supplies I needed in Salmon Arm. I am obviously novice at this and don't know all the in's and out's of where to go or who to order from.
I took Greg to Kelowna on Tuesday, so I hit up Michael's which is the one craft store I am familiar with as we had one in our community in Calgary. It probably isn't the cheapest route, but they did have a good supply of stuff. Unfortunately there were some things I couldn't find, so I had to make a back-up plan in my head so I could get out of the store as Greg and kids were waiting.
Once I got home, I've been making up samples of the crafts and trying to figure out the techniques which will work easiest.
Here is the first day craft...a texture painting. Made on a cardstock sheet of white paper. There is sand glued on the bottom of it, cacti made out of green paint mixed with glue and sawdust, watercolor sunset and a twine hanger.

The second craft...a necklace. I tried to make it a little more complicated than pony beads on a string. I have actual clasps and the foam beads are small enough that they may need to use a plastic needle to put them on.

The third craft...a wood nametag. I have them in sheriff star shapes, and the cowboy boot shape shown here. I have broaches to gluegun on the back of them.

The fourth craft...a felt banner. I have the felt cut up for the back, and they just need to glue on the popsicle sticks, the hanger, and improvise with little bits of felt on top. I cut out cactus guys for everyone and also bought puffy paint for them to decorate with and all those fun wiggly eyes. I'm curious what they'll come up with.

(Are you catching on to the "western theme"??)
I don't have a picture of the last craft, but on the day we make the nametags, I'm taking pictures of the kids and will have them developed in time for the last day when we'll make frames out of that foam stuff. I have lots of stickers for them to decorate with. On one sample I made the frame look like a jail cell with bars going over the picture and it says, "WANTED" on the top.


Heather said…
looks like a ton of fun! Great job crafty lady :)
Bloggy Mama said…
Nice work, you crafty gal, you.
Anna said…
You are so awesome! These are great!
Good stuff! Nice to have it all set well in advance. I love the cowboy boot - can't wait to see you wearing it around. Hey - someone should borrow Dad's gray cowboy boots that week! they're beauties - I was just looking at them the other day. (a woman in a book I just read had a red leather pair of cowboy boots on her wish list - she'd seen a $1000 pair when she was in college and just couldn't swing them - now she's older, wiser and has enough to get them if she wants to - I won't spoil the ending! Anna can read it when she's here - then maybe Sarah? Freda has it now! Hugs! !

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