Random moments from our busy life..

Let me tell you what my day was like...
5:30am...Greg woke up to take a shower before he drove to Kelowna to catch his flight to Vancouver for a meeting.
7am...I hop in the shower while the kids are playing Wii.
7:30am...Eat up breakfast and make sure kids are dressed and ready for school.
8:30am...Run Riley to school in his pioneer garb as he had Pioneer Day today at our local Haney Heritage Park in town

We switched out the hat as that one would never stay on his head.
8:45am...Run Liam to preschool. They need help driving the kids on the field trip to the firehall, so I offer my assistance...

10:30am...The field trip is over. Take the kids back to preschool and stay there til the end so I don't have to go home and come back 20min. later!
11:30am...Liam is invited on a playdate but needs his swimshorts, so I run home grab his shorts and run them to where he's at.
12pm...Feed Shea and myself some lunch and get him off to bed.
12:30pm...Do a quick tidy of the kitchen and get my door trim painted out on the deck.
1pm...fix up some pictures for my sister in law and get them emailed off to her
1:30pm...Do the 2nd coat of the painting
2pm...Clean up my paint stuff and sweep the deck off
2:30pm...Liam returns home, Shea wakes up.
2:45pm...Walk to the school to pick up Riley.
3pm...Quick stop home to pick up a freezee and swim shorts for everyone.
3:15pm...Drive down to Fletcher park to run through the waterpark and play on the swings.
4:15pm...Drive to 7-11 for a must-have slurpee...SO HOT out!
4:30pm...Home to hang up suits and get a pizza in the oven.
5:15pm...Eat pizza and call my mom.
6pm...Back in the van to drop Liam off at Pam's.
6:15pm...Take Riley and Shea to Riley's soccer practice. He scored during the game!
7:15pm...Back to Pam's to pick up Liam and talk to Luke about deck plans.
7:30pm...Back home to get Riley to practice his spelling and feed the kids a night snack.
8pm...Read the kids their 3 books and brush their teeth.
8:30pm...Tuck them all in bed.
8:40pm...Set up the sprinklers.
9pm...Sit down on my recliner and grab my laptop and SIGH a big long sigh.
9:01pm...Watch SO you Think you can Dance!! while typing this post.


Kristin said…
I am pooped just reading it... thank goodness for your recliner, have you fallen asleep in it yet? Ha ha.
Bloggy Mama said…
Wow! What a day! You are incredible and have inspired me. Not trying to make you jealous but today I spent a lot of time just sitting (watching my children not get eaten by the bear, of course), thinking about all the things I could be doing if I just got off my butt....
Anna said…
You go girl! You're awesome.
le0pard13 said…
Something tells me, being the mother of 3 boys, that this is rather typical of your days. And I'd say your family is lucky to have you. Agreed... awesome.
teresa said…
Just another day in the life of a mom with 3 kids (or maybe any number of kids)!! I've never written my days out like that, but I'm guessing it would look somewhat similar! I'm sure you're right back at it today!
Whew! yup those were the days!
It'll be nice to have the summer break as far as getting out the door on time so often - BUT - I know that means more entertaining of the kids. I think those boys should be able to spend hours out in "the PIT" though! ! I'm looking forward to some good evenings at the beach together too!
Anonymous said…
Lisa said…
Phew, exhausting isn't it?! I long for the day when the boys are older and want to actually sleep in longer!
We are about to do similar things too. Jaxson has Pioneer day next week and they're heading to one of the museums in town & they've been watching episodes of Little House on the Prairie! And Eli has the Fire Station field trip next week!
What fun - cute pictures!
Heather said…
what a marathon day!

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