That age where memories are made

Today through most of the day I was thinking to myself as my kids were taking part in really fun start of the summer activities...these are days they will probably remember forever.
I took part in Riley's Fun Day at school...not really a sports day, but similar. They had stations set up all over the field to do things like tug-of-war and mini bike racing, parachutes etc. Liam, Shea and I watched and actually Liam joined in most of the activities like he was one of the elementary kids (so soon to be!). They had a great time.
Tonight we went out to my sister-in-law's parents place. People I have known since I was 15 and we did the classic weenie roast on a stick dinner out at the campfire. There is a big treefort in the back woods and there were tons of family and friends to chase around and make berry/grass concoctions with.
I hardly heard boo from the two older boys. Shea stuck pretty close to my leg as we were in new territory and especially since dad is away, he's more clingy to me. But still, Shea fed himself and walked around helping himself to the ice tea and marshmallow bag.
My kids are growing up!
They are making memories they will never forget.
I am reading a book right now called "Are we having fun yet?" written on parenting and told from the perspective of a mother of ten. TEN. She has some great points and it has been a really fun and positive book to read while I'm going through these busy and usually exhausting days. It is a real joy to see them appreciate and enjoy the little precious moments in each day...and REMEMBER them!


awwwww - so sweet! glad you're able to enjoy the moments - toooo true - they fly by so quickly! Sounds like a good Friday! Have fun at soccer in the morning. Hope Riley does some great moves.
jothirajan said…
I like your article. Especially that photo above "seems that this kid is your last son"

- God will bless you
Bloggy Mama said…
Awesome. These are the days, that's for sure!
oh I think I need to read that book! Thanks for the reminder. I love oyur pics and your entries :) and HOW so you make the pictures bigger? I wanna do it too :D
le0pard13 said…
A very sweet, wonderful post.
Heather said…
I totally remember my sports days at school and playing outside for hours making mudpies and stews. Ahhh so fun :)

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