Time for school! Time for school!!

WOWEE! The summer came and went already. It really went by in a flash. I'm not quite ready for it to be over! I was kinda liking not having to dash out the door by 8:30am every morning and have to make lunches and all that.
But alas...if life was always summer holidays, it would make them not so special.
We really had a GREAT summer. Some high moments, some low moments, but altogether a pretty wonderful time to enjoy eachother and the beautiful weather.
Tomorrow Riley starts grade two! He is only 6 and yes, in grade two. He will always be the youngest in his class as he's born on December 30th, and the cut off is the next day. We went ahead and sent him into kindergarden as soon as he was allowed, as he was much too bored at home and needed more stimulation than I could give him. I've had my moments of regretting that decision. Did I send him too young? Will he always hate being the youngest and feel far behind the others? Is he ready?
I guess I figured I could always make him repeat a grade if he was struggling. He has done fine. He's not the top in his class, but I know he's not in the bottom either. I know he struggles with social aspects and staying focussed on some tasks. It could be the same if he was a year older anyway.
There is a possibility that he will be in a 1/2 split class, which I'm kind of hoping for, as he won't have to feel like the wee babe of the bunch and it may encourage him to excel as he will "know more" than the grade ones. He likes to teach others and so if he could kind of coach a younger kid, it could work out great.
So we will find out later this week. I'm anxious and excited for him. He is not too thrilled with the idea of returning to school. The kid lives for swimming and biking and being outside all day long, and he is pretty sure that school will put an end to that. He doesn't realize that school is over by 2:30pm and leaves quite a bit left of the day!
Liam is starting preschool this week! I have been talking about it lots, and so he is excited though he has more nerves than Riley and can get pretty anxious. One nasty kid could ruin it for him (as it did for Sunday school), so I am hoping he loves it and will be happy and excited to go. He is the type that would gladly sit on my lap (and totally annoy me) all day long, so I need this time away as much as he does. I'm glad it's not kindergarden yet though.
Shea and I are going to enjoy some quiet mornings!
Evenings will be packed though, with various programs and sports, and I'm also trying to figure out what other activities I will be volunteering with or participating in. Possibly floor hockey? Deep water running? Sunday school? What new thing are you doing this fall?
Schedule and routine are a good thing. It will be good. I will definitely be posting some "back to school" and "first day of preschool" photos later! Time to start pulling out the backpacks and school clothes!


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