Another road trip

So on Saturday morning, just Riley and I will join my parents, Anna and Levi, Luke, Pam and the girls, to go to the coast. There is a family reunion of sorts, with my grandma's side of the family. My Oma (my great-grandma) is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, so we'll be there to have a belated party for her as well. My mom had the idea to make her photo book with our family photos in it for her. I had fun putting it together and it arrived in the mail on Monday. Have you ever made a photo book? I know you can make them via Kodak, Shutterfly, ofoto, etc. but I did mine through the Mac iPhoto program. We've done a book for our friends that went to Hawaii with us and it turned out pretty professional as well. I have a few made up on the computer that I hope to one day put in print!!
I am fighting a cold right now and hoping it doesn't hit me on our quick trip down. Nothing like being sick when you're away from home!


Heather said…
Have a great trip!

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