My little Liam

Shea has been going through the normal nasty colds and fever of teething, and Riley suddenly came down with some sort of wild fever/flu on Friday. He is slowly recovering and taking things nice and slow and quiet.
Liam, on the other hand, is bouncing off the walls as usual.
He is always talking your ears off and coming up with the craziest stuff.
Today I had some time to do some painting of our fences. I was out there working away while Liam was racing around on the deck with his plasma car. He's just chit chatting away and then says to me...
"MOM....I wish you were over here on the PLASMO, and that I was over there painting."
"You are doing a good job over there, mom."
(another pause)
Then he comes right up to me and looks right at me all seriously..."Mom. You're an ARTIST."


Jennifer said…
That is too cute! It must be a 4 year old/boy/middle child thing- he sounds just like Owen. Hope everyone gets better. Always rough when one is still bursting with energy.
Melissa said…
That's too funny!! I love how they just say the funniest things, but they think it's the most important, most serious thing in the whole world...
Heather said…
Awww... that Liam... you got a real honey there.
Lisa Baerg said…
Ha! Liam cracks me up!

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