I'm also an AUNTIE and I quote

Sometimes in the busyness of being a mom, there gets little time to be an auntie. But I am. I have 7 little munchkins that call me their auntie. I love them all to pieces. They are the closest second to my own.

(This is in the summer, with my youngest niece, Liv.)

"We love our aunties in a major way.
Some aunties are skinny. Some eat a lot.
Some are funny. Some are not.
Some short, some tall, some big, some small.
It doesn't matter. We love them all."
(Author unknown)

I have very very vivid memories of meeting my first niece. Amy was born in October, just after we were married. We travelled from Calgary, back to Salmon Arm to meet her as soon as we could get away. They brought her up the stairs and showed her to us for the first time and it was totally awe and amazement.
"Babies are such a nice way to start people!" (Author unknown)

There came six more nieces and nephews after her, mixed in with my three. Yes, my family likes making babies. I'm happy there will still be more to come. Each of them with their little personalities just makes life so much richer, and family gatherings so much more exciting (and loud).

I'm trying to block out the fact that Anna is taking Callie up north with her in the spring. I guess she does belong to them, but she's been my little girl (that I never had) around here. I love all the pink and the hugs and the pigtails. sigh. Make the most of it, right?

"Only an Aunt...
can give hugs
like a mother,
can keep secrets
like a sister,
and share love like a friend."
(Author: unknown)


awwwwwe, shucks, how sweet and true! !
Those two little blondies could be sisters! ! How cute are they? ? ?
Heather said…
I love your quotes. The last one is my fave. It is true it is such a blessing and so fun to be an Auntie.

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