Taking a chill

Hi everyone. I haven't been here in awhile. The start to fall is always a bit of a whirlwind, isn't it. I have one boy in grade two and another in three mornings of preschool, and a teething toddler. The church and recreation programs haven't started yet, but when they do...life will be pretty crazy!!
I decided for several reasons to take a day off of the computer. Only one day away from the computer may sound funny, but have you tried it? I usually check in to my gmail or Facebook a few times a day. Not always for a long stretch of time, but I still would. I decided that on Thursdays I won't open it at all. I would eventually like to move up to a few days a week, but I thought I'd start small.
Sometimes I justify it, saying that I'm connecting with people, I'm educating myself about news or photography, and hey, at least I'm not watching some lame TV show. BUT, there are evenings where I did nothing but sit on my a$$ and wonder what exactly I was doing for the past two hours!!
So, I'm committing Thursdays to laundry, bathrooms and doing stuff.
Last night was our first "family games night" with my siblings this fall. We didn't get together too often in the summer, so it was nice to hang out again. The kids are so cute and all 8 fell asleep on different beds around the house. We were hit with some news from Anna and Keith this past week, and we're still trying to get used to it. Friday nights just won't be the same!!
So we're off to the Fall fair and parade today, making for a full and busy day. I'd better get the kids fed. Enjoy your weekend!


Kaili said…
Good for you! My life has been SO different and AWESOME since I quit writing on my blog. Sometimes it's the little things in life hey?

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