The household

I'm so thankful that Greg is coming home tonight!! It's not that I want him back so that he can do everything for me, but so that I have someone to do everything with. I rarely leave him to do it all, but splitting up the needs of 3 kids makes it less stressful. Being a "single parent" is lonely, more than anything. And tiring. It's hard to be the playmate and the disciplinarian and housecleaner all in the same moment. I don't like making dinner while having a toddler hanging on my leg. Not fun.
But we did ok. We are going to head to the beach today. Probably not to swim, but to throw rocks and play in the sand one last time before winter hits us.
It's really grey and snowy around these parts in the winter. We have a house in the trees with windows on the wrong side, so it is quite dark and dreary. Thankfully this winter my kitchen will be open to the window in the dining room, so it will be a little brighter in here.
(Note to self: next house you buy, make sure it is one with lots of natural light!)
Did I tell you that my dad and brother came by again to put up my window trim and the few pieces of baseboards that needed to be replaced. We still have all the cracks and holes to fill, and then paint, so that will be a new project for me to take on soon. Then I'm hoping to find the perfect blue to paint the family room, or at least part of it.
Thanks for the comments on the hair...I'd show you more pictures, but I'm still struggling with how to do it right and am pretty sure it needs to be shorter. I tried leaving it yesterday without blowdrying or anything and it looked terrible, so I need to get a bit more hacked off. She's coming on Monday to make it shorter! and then I promise I will post more photos.


Anna said…
Glad you're going shorter with the hair Sarah. And glad for you that G is coming home.

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