The next phase

So I'm dreaming of paint colors, arborite, cabinets and tiles lately! So far the idea is to go with a slightly lighter shade of green in our kitchen than we last painted in our old living room. We had done Boston Fern there...and loved it. We are thinking of a Stem/Pear Green this time around. Then we are thinking of a slightly off-white color to paint the cabinets to contrast with the white trim. The knobs will be the oiled bronze.
We haven't decided on arborite or tile yet, but probably will tie in the taupe colors of the floor and other walls, and some black flecks to go with the black of the window and appliances.
We have a door. It is BEAUTIFUL. Pam found it for us at a store in Kamloops and it is fir with the largest pane of glass in it possible. She is in the process of staining it, and then it will be the first new thing put into this kitchen, so I'll post photos soon.
We had made plans to be in Calgary this weekend, but Shea was so miserable and sick that we didn't think it would be worth going. He was "off" for about 8 days straight with major snot, fever and grumpiness. It has been a really hard week for me as Riley is home off of school, so the boys have great needs to get out and about but it is pretty impossible with a grumpy baby. I was starting to go bonkers already on Monday afternoon, so I started making up a schedule by the hour of the activities that the boys and I would be doing. Lego, snacks, crafts, soccer, hockey, biking, cleaning our rooms, etc. It worked well and avoided some of the arguments that usually would take place every 5 minutes because someone was bored!!

We don't have big plans for a big Easter meal or anything, but will have a big Easter egg hunt outside tomorrow. For craft time this week we made paper mache huge eggs, macaroni crosses and painted eggs. I'll post pictures later. Happy Easter everyone!


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