The happy birthday effort.

I sure don't get a lot of computer time lately. Oh, did I not tell you, I have an official CRAWLER. Not just scooting, actually crawling now. And not just that. Within days of learning to get up on his knees, he has learned to climb stairs. He can tackle the 5 stairs from the family room up to the kitchen, so there is no longer a safe place to put him except in his exersaucer! I haven't put up gates yet, as well, where do you start when you have a split level home and there are stairs everywhere!! The hard part about this stage is that he doesn't know his limits. He will pull himself up to stand against something, and then he will completely forget that he has to hold on or he will flail backwards and bash his head. Or he'll lean on things that move out from under him. And of course he doesn't know how to back down the stairs at all. I do a lot of dashing. I'm a sprinter now.
Tonight we celebrated my father-in-laws birthday. I have a great father-in-law, by the way. You would know that if you knew him. He was downstairs playing hockey with Riley tonight and commentating in his booming voice as he does and it's always so fun to hear. his request, I made some apple fruit crisp rather than cake. I took it out of the oven so we could be funny and stick sparklers on it while we sang. Greg misunderstood and ran out with just the lit sparklers, singing. I was standing there with the hot apple crisp, waiting for the sparklers to go in it. Liam had just finished dropping his whole ice cream. So Greg and I are half-heartedly singing, Greg's mom is saying, "LIAM DROPPED HIS ICE CREAM!". I'm trying to get Greg to stick the sparklers in my crisp. Greg is bent over, picking up ice cream. Liam is whining about having dropped his icecream. And well...we barely finished the song. Mom ended with "and many moreeeee!" and we all laughed.
We tried.

And then Liam proceeded to tell Grandpa what was inside every present before he could even open it. Dad would joke and say, I think it might be a ... and Liam would laugh and go NOOO, it's a sweater. And then, SEEEEEE Grandpa! I told you!!
Too funny.

We even lost our marbles. Well sort of...I had made a centerpiece of balloons on sticks, held up in a glass of marbles, and it got dumped over (of course)...landing each marble down on the hardwood floor with a bang.
Ya, oh well we tried. (We did make him some sweet cards with finger paint...)

Though it was a bit of a gong show, we hope he has a Happy birthday anyway!!


Anna said…
Oh gosh! TOO funny! I love Liam's present telling. Hilarious. And I can just picture the marbles going everywhere! I'm laughing now...thanks Sarah. Ice cream on the floor, sparklers...Ha HA HA!
Bri said…
Dude, that is so my day to day, thanks for making me laugh. I needed that:)
Heather said…
Wow... sounds like quite the night! Wish I could have been there :)

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