Sweet memories


Anonymous said…
Oh, look at Liam all grown up now! Looks like it was a great party - you know, the kind where all the parents are exhausted afterwards! We have a gift for him but Eli wants to give it to him when you're here rather than send it. See you soon!
Heather said…
Awww... Liam is such a cutie! I'm glad you captured all of that on film (or digital means :) It has been very cool to watch all your boys grow and learn.
Ruth Anne said…
Happy Birthday to Liam! Four years old already... so fun to see the milestone pictures! They capture his personality.
Love, Grandma
Bloggy Mama said…
It's hard to believe how quickly they grow, isn't it? I look at those photos and I am in disbelief that someday my kids will be that big!
~Elizabeth (mybloggylife.wordpress)

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