It was an eventful weekend to say the least. We had a great drive considering we had 3 kids stuck in a van for over 6 hours. We visited with friends, walked through our old neighborhood, did a bit of shopping and took turns having a girls/guys night out. It had been our first time back since we moved and was interesting to be a "visitor". The boys kept asking if we could go to our old house. We had some heart wrenching moments as we met up with our old neighbor whose wife has left and he is in shambles. I was crying with him last night and thinking how I barely recognized this man who had once been strong and head held high and now looked like a beat up child. SO SAD! I wondered God's timing in it all...why we were no longer there to help him out in this definite low of his life? We spent some time with his children and I just feel so burdened for send out some prayers with me for that broken family. I was overcome with this feeling that life is just SO cruel and there are people all around us who are hurting and barely functioning.
While we were in Calgary, we heard news that G's grandpa in Salmon Arm had passed away. He died peacefully in his home at 87 years old. We are happy that he is with Jesus and yet of course will miss his presence with us here.

The boys have had many questions about "how we die?" and "why did his heart stop working?". Riley had a bit of trouble falling asleep tonight with all his brimming questions. We prayed that Jesus would give GG a great big hug from us.
Anyway, we had a great time in Calgary and had fun with all our friends. It is so cute to see our 3 boys with our friends 3 boys and they just played their hearts out. We hardly had any arguments because they all were having so much fun. So that was a nice break for all of us.
Back to the grind. School and swimming lessons start tomorrow. I'd better get his lunch packed...and before I go...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM and DAD! 34 years ago today, they were here...

How cute is that?? They were but wee babes in that photo, ha ha.
Thanks for "holding on tight" can be tough, but it's so good to be loved!! I told our old neighbor that I would pray for him because I believe in marriage and family, and man I know how lucky I am to have parents that have stuck it out...TOGETHER.


Anna said…
Great post Sarah. I'm sorry about Grandpa. Very sad.
Tanneal said…
I love that pic of one of your boys holding his GG's hand. What an awesome memory to capture...especially as our kids grow up and all they have of their GG's is pictures. So sweet.

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