Spring Fever

Hey y'all. I don't have any idea what kind of audience I get on my blog...I imagine that since my own life can bore me, that I'm sure it may become a rather boring read as well. Sorry about that. I'm feeling stuck in a rut at the moment. I can feel the excitement of Spring and Summer coming right around the corner...but for now it is just blah blah blah.

I've said it before, but I have a teething angry baby...

He doesn't like too much these days. He's also getting mischevious and hates to be removed from his new found treasures of cords, remotes, phones or the like. He's learned the "angry screech". It's beautiful.

Liam got a belated present from Uncle Glen and Auntie Bri today. He loved it...can't you tell?

What a nut!
He really did love the game, but after 10 minutes of them fighting non-stop about who's turn it was and who pushes what button and who is what color etc. etc. the game had to be put away til a later date.
They would fight about who gets to eat dirt off their shoe first. They really would. It will never cease to amaze me how competitive the two of them can be.
Can't we just all get along???
Greg is working like crazy for the past week, and it's a little straining on everybody. We miss him.
But hey, there are some bright moments...

And he sleeps ALL NIGHT now!

It's a roller coaster all day long of being stressed out, grouchy, upset, tired and cranky but also mixed with complete joy, fun, giggles, hugs and sunshine. I guess that's what can happen when you mix 4 personalities with their own needs and feelings together. It's kind of like dorm life all over again!

And while Shea slept today, the big boys and I took off to Jungle Mania for almost 2 hours where they played and played and played. I even got in there and did the big slides and climbed with them.
I took Riley to piano lessons today, and it does amaze me how well he is doing for only 2 months in. I'll have to make a video of him playing. Grade one is quite an amazing year. He has gone from only writing his name in September, to reading and writing full sentences now. Amazing.

We're leaving on a little trip here on Thursday. I'm looking forward to it as I haven't left town since November. I need to do some shopping. My favorite jeans have split at the knees. So hopefully I can do a little bit of clothes shopping in between visiting with some dear friends that we can't wait to see! Hopefully the time away will give us all a little cheer amid the BLAH.


Angella said…
We have the fever too!

Great shots of the kids, though :)

Hope the trip cheers you up :)
Bloggy Mama said…
Your kids are so adorable. Travel safely.

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