Party details

We had a fun party day today. We celebrated Liam's 4th birthday! Obviously we had a Curious George theme. We played many the banana in George's mouth, pop the balloons tied to the other kids ankles, hide the monkey, musical pillows. We made monkey masks, did other color sheets, listened to the Curious George story on CD, ate cupcakes and monkey bananas...he opened gifts, we gave out goodie bags. Liam ran upstairs just before everyone left and yelled..."HEY GUYS! IS EVERYONE HAVING A GOOD TIME?"
Apparently, he was.
This was the first time we did a "kids party only", his last 3 parties we had lots of families and served dinner. Let's just say, it was "controlled chaos". No, really, it went great. It was fun to do a special time for him and he was thrilled.
I still can't believe he's four.
There are more photos on Facebook, to fill you in on the rest of the time.


The Foulds said…
Happy Birthday 4th to Liam!

Looks like a super fun time! :)
Heather said…
That does look like a great time! I thought I got the days mixed up and missed his birthday for a second. I have a little something coming in the mail just for him :)
Faith & Mark said…
It looks like you put on a wonderful party Sarah. I can't believe he's four either.

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