Silly monkeys

Does that not make you just giggle!!??
Ha ha.

Today we got to feel what its going to be like with Riley at school all day and just the little two at home as Riley had an all day field trip. It was quiet! It was a deja vu of when I just had toddler Riley and baby Liam. It was a gorgeous day so we went for a long walk with our friends. We had to hit the lawyers office again for hopefully a last time. Tonight we spent the evening with our church doing sort of a church picnic for the childrens ministry, complete with bouncy house, face painting and slip n slide. Needless to say, the boys were exhausted and went to bed quickly. Yay, its the weekend. Lots to do, but we'll take time to visit and have some fun on the side. Wouldn't that make a great motto. That's mine these days! I especially have been trying to enjoy my baby who is sadly growing just way too fast!!


Angella said…
They DO grow fast! It seems like yesterday that I had Emily...

He just gets cuter, though (if that were possible)

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