Happy Father's Day!

One of the many reasons I married Greg was that I knew he'd make a great dad one day. I had fun listening to them play with their new super soakers yesterday. Riley giggling and Greg laughing is one of my favorite noises ever!

In this picture, Shea looks a lot like I did as a baby.
He's wearing a special outfit grandma D made for Riley...each of the boys have taken a turn wearing it to church. It barely fit Riley on his first Sunday to church, but Shea fits it a little better.

Special hugs out to my dad and father-in-law...two very cool dads.


Tanneal said…
He really does look like you!

What a cute outfit and super cute baby inside of it =)

Yay for awesome daddy's!!
Angella said…
I can see the resemblance too!

I'll ditto the yay for great Dads!!
Anna said…
Wow! Does he EVER look like you in that one picture! What a cutie!
Greg said…
Thanks Honey — I'm sure you'll here lots more laughs and giggles with the Super Soakers when it's hot in Salmon Arm this summer.
Heather said…
Wow he is growing so much!
Faith & Mark said…
Cute Pictures Sarah. I'm still planning on drpong by some day soon and cuddling that adorable guy.

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