Family of Five

Pretty crazy to think that less than 6 years ago it was just G and I. Look at us now!! Here we are this morning just before we went to church.
Gregs' parents arrived late last night, and Heather had to fly back home this afternoon. We all just finished a nice Sunday afternoon nap and hope to head out for a bit as it's still so warm.
Milk has arrived in full force, so I'm looking a little like Dolly Parton. Shea seems to be filling up fast though, and is sleepier than he was the past few days as his tummy is getting really full! When the health nurse came yesterday, she said he was already gaining weight, so go me! All you breastfeeding moms know what an accomplishment that is...and a full time job.

Hoping to do a "photoshoot" tomorrow. We'll see if I get the chance.


Heidi said…
Way to go 'Dolly'! You all look wonderful on the porch...I think it was meant to be right from the beginning. Glad you're getting out and about and able to get some rest. The boys will have lots of fun with Gram and Gramps I'm sure.
Anna said…
Love the new family picture.
The Foulds said…
Look at your guys! So fun! I love how Liam has his hand on Shea. lol.
Glad to hear things are going well. :)
e said…
These are awesome.. I am so happy for you guys

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