Life with the hounds.

Well my first week alone with three boys has been going just fine. I must say that the transition from two kids to three has been much easier than going from one to two. When I had just Riley, I was used to getting my breaks from him when he napped and was able to do my own thing when he was busy playing. That all changed when Liam came and there really is no "me time" until hubby comes home, and even then, you're busy with breastfeeding non-stop. Once you get used to being a mom 24/7, adding another child on isn't really much different. It is a little tricky as we don't have a consistent nap/feed schedule, so I can't really plan much of my day. Getting supper on is a little hard. Forces you to just be a little more organized. But I'm already used to being flexible, so have learned to shower when I can and grab food when there is a chance. Speaking of food...with all the breastfeeding, I'm down another 5 pounds (I had lost 20 at the hospital), only 5 more til pre-prego weight and then I'd love to lose a little more for good measure. I'm currently in my "fat" jeans.
The bigger boys are still in love with little "Shea-Shea". They smother him with kisses and hugs and want to see him all the time. It gets a little tiring, but at the same time it is nice that they aren't wanting to be mean and aggressive with him. Just over-passionate.

Packing isn't going super great as I don't get a whole lot of time in the evenings as Shea tends to cluster feed. He did that last night, but gave me 7 hours of sleep in a row! so I shouldn't complain. I think it'll be a lot of cramming in the last week to get everything done, but I try to pack up a box here and there when I can. Only two weeks tomorrow! WOW.
Shea is still in newborn diapers, but I bet he's close to 9lbs already and growing fast. I'm so sad! I love his little-ness. He's a real sweetie.
He was 2 weeks old last night!! I took this picture tonight after his bath...if you look hard, you can see his spiked hair. He actually has quite a bit of it.

I wish I had more time to take pictures for you, but there is always so much to do. Once I get settled in our new home I'm sure the camera will get more use.


Anna said…
Awww, what a cutie! I'm getting so antsy to hold this little guy! Only a couple weeks to go.
Angella said…
He's beautiful! Hope the next few weeks go well :)
Heather said…
Two weeks already... He sure looks like himself!
Royden and Ruth said…
Today Royden caught a glimpse of your blog and said: "Tell Sarah that I want Greg to make me a blog layout like hers". Looks great! How much does he charge to build a buisness website?
Tanneal said…
He's so cute! His hair is like our Jake' fun to try the different 'styles' =)

Ok, so you are making mommy-of-3-hood sound VERY appealing! I kind of wish I didn't have the the baby bug again already cause I am just barely fitting back into my pre-prego jeans. Those few extra pounds for good measure are the ones I need to loose now!

Good for you for what you've lost already!! He's only 2 weeks...that's incredible!
Royden and Ruth said…
Ha! That's funny. I told him that I thought you made your own banner but he was pretty sure it was Greg. Two talented Davidson's huh? Maybe we should hire you for the website:).

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