One week to go.

We're hoping to get our moving truck on Thursday...that would be one week from now! I'm having lots of mixed feelings about all of this. I think the closest comparison is how I felt when I was leaving Bible school in April and returning home for the summer. I was excited to be going home to my family and familiar surroundings. Having moms cookin, going to the beach, having a change, getting out of the prairies and back to the mountains and lake. I was upset though, about leaving friends, about leaving the independence of running my own life, sad that some friends I had only just met and wouldn't get to further develop those relationships...anyway, you get the idea...there's a lot of similarities.
Calgary is a great city. I will miss the very many cool things to do around here. I will miss our newer house its newer community with all the places in it I go to a lot...the pool, Superstore!, the chiro, the library, the school, the parks etc. Of course I will miss my friends, the SUN that shines even when its butt cold out. Our church, our back alley, our quiet evenings together.
Calgary is a city full of youth, and it's growing and changing all the time. There are so many opportunities to be involved and grow and do things you've never done. It seems that many people here are open to trying new things and venturing out which makes me want to pursue and try new things (aka photography).
As much as this has never felt like "home", it is where Greg and I have spent our entire married life and have raised our three boys thus far. We struggled with our limited funds through school, graduated, had a baby, bought our first house, started our firstborn in school here. All of our firsts. Lots of good memories.
I'm sure we'll come back on occasion to visit our friends and thankfully having internet will keep us in contact. I'm big on keeping connected. Not big on phone calls (mostly cuz I just can't with the boys in the background), but definitely into this blog, emailing and facebook! Salmon Arm is also on the road to everywhere, so I am sure we will get lots of visitors passing through, and we sure hope so.
I get kind of the butterflies as I think about the big changes to come. It's SO exciting! And it's SO close now!
I have a sweet baby laying on my lap right now. He's been such a great baby and we're so happy he's here with us even though the timing was kind of wild with the move. I feel absolutely great. My back is a tad sore, just from breastfeeding and awkward posture, but I'm getting enough sleep and not feeling at all like I just had a baby. The older boys tend to watch more TV than I'd like, while I feed the baby and get myself ready in the morning, but we spend our afternoons mostly outside. It will be nice when they will have all their toys again and a new house/yard to explore. I also am sending Riley to VBS. We'll make lots of beach trips and will have lots of company and friends around. Should be a fun and busy summer. Happy first day of summer, by the way! Riley was convinced that today would be hot as well obviously, it was the first day of summer! I was glad for his sake that it really was! as I couldn't really explain to him that it might not be! Tomorrow his class heads to the zoo all day, so he's quite excited. He finishes kindergarden on Wednesday. Wow, this year went so fast.
Well there was a long-winded update. I hope you're all enjoying the outdoors wherever you may be.


Heather said…
Aww it is kinda sad to be leaving all your first. I sure have been blessed in the moves I've made with making new friends and yeah it is not easy to keep in touch but the memories are always there. You got me all sentimental now. Christian and I are headed to a wedding of a friend of mine I met while in Kelowna. I haven't met her fiancee but it will still be good to keep in touch and be there for the milestones.

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