Oh yah, we're moving

I almost forget sometimes. What with the new baby and all. Our days are full just feeding and playing with the kids and lovin on the newest little honey. Greg is still off work, which is so nice as I'm still lacking in the sleep department.
Anyway, yah! Moving day is in just over 3 weeks!! OH MY GOODNESS! What are we thinking?? We have our work cut out for us. I have packed boxes sitting around everywhere already, and the walls are void of any pictures. My in-laws took my flowers for me and some odds that would be hard to pack up. But I know there is lots to do yet. Our church provides meals for families who have a new baby, for a week, so we've been blessed that we don't have to think about planning dinner and groceries these days. There are always so many better things to do, like taking Shea to his first check-up (he's back up to his birth weight already), or giving him his first bath...we did that today...

But we're sure excited about the move. Nervous, but mostly excited. It will all be such a change, but we think it's right. Just yesterday a cop stopped in the middle of our street, pulled out a rifle and ran off around the corner. I ran up and looked out the back window and saw another cop parked in our back alley and 5 more armed cops. One cop had a neighbor in handcuffs, and they seemed to be looking for someone else. Crazy!! Yup, further confirmation that small town may just be a better place to raise our kids.
So, off to pack. I'm trying to work at it slow and steadily so I don't pass out with exhaustion on moving week. Mom is flying out to help on the last 3 days and we all know what a busy bee she is, so that'll help.
We've decided to add as many stress factors to our life as we possibly can at one time, hey? A move, a new baby, a new job, a new vehicle...hmm what else could we add. No, thank goodness we have help, and family and people who pray for us to help keep us sane. We are surrounded by love and many blessings, so we should get through this "season" in one piece.


Tanneal said…
Yes, that is alot on your plate! Good thing God gives us the strength to get through...it is all exciting stuff at least!!

Cute pics of a first bath...you're older boys look like great helpers =)
The Foulds said…
You guys will be back in Salmon Arm in NO time, exciting stuff!

Love the new banner!
Heather said…
Love the new template! You are so artistic :) Shea is already looking different to me eyes more alert. What a honey!
Anna said…
Can't wait till you get here!

I like the new look too!
Faith & Mark said…
Remember to call people when you need help. I know I could use a day away from our life and remember that there are other things going on. We can't wait to stop by and see your new one, can't believe I haven't done that yet.

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